Adan Was Borked.


July 30, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

Thank you autocorrect.

Yesterday was a productive day. I sorted out some tech issues in Lippincottonia. I went to the gym. I took a shower. I sorted out payroll paperwork. I went to an important work meeting. I had coffee with Deinonychus. I worked on my insurance info. I went by the letterpress shop. And I had dinner with friends.

It was a busy, but good day.

At my game master’s request, I will be adding “create character for evil campaign” to the list of things to get done this week.

But not today. No, today I might go to the letterpress shop and make something. Something fun. Maybe tomorrow, too. Or I might sit in the hammock and read this god-awful book. I think I am down to 70 pages left. Pure torture. Then, I get to start reading “Deliverance”. It is kinda scary when that is considered “things looking up” for me.

Also, I’ve been watching a lot of Louis C.K. lately. Here’s an entire live show for you. Just in case you are driving a long distance or sitting at a desk for hours with nothing to do.

Okay. I’m going to do stuff. Have a great day. ~SC


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