I Hear The Tumbleberry Sisters Will Be There.


December 28, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

Somebody warn Frudak Glimmergaunt. You know how he gets when they’re around.

(He starts humping everything.)

Yesterday was a day of doing stuff. And not doing stuff that I needed to be doing.

I put off working on character development until 9pm because I’m an idiot. Don’t worry, I’ve half of them done now. Plus, I generated names for all of them. The gnomes ended up with the same last name, so I made them into sisters. Because I can.

Part of my procrastination regimen yesterday involved a visit to Holliday Island by Don Chulius and the Baroness Ida von Blitzenstein. The Baroness had never been here, and she was excited about the ice. I couldn’t disappoint her, could I? No. Never.

Baroness Ida von Blitzenstein.

Baroness Ida von Blitzenstein.

I also watched The Spectacular Now with Zaxxon. It was a way shittier movie than we expected it to be. They marketed it as a coming-of-age/romantic comedy. It was actually about a kid with a drinking problem. Spoilers! He’s shitty to everyone. The end.

Today, while I ponder the 3-3 draw that West Brom just had with West Ham, I am going to finish up these characters. Tonight, is the first annual Player’s Ball. And we will probably all die. Don’t worry, it’ll be in the real world. Not here in the mundane world. But, there’s always a chance. Rolling a zero on Knowledge (Local) let’s you know that when this group of people get together, there’s always a chance someone will die.

And that’s it for me today.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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