That’s No Smurf, Kid.


January 31, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

That’s a Svirfneblin.

Today is a day of real world problems. Not mundane world problems.

But before I head off into the real world, let’s conclude the Bob Ross poster saga that we started yesterday.

I went to the letterpress shop.

I worked for three hours finishing the poster.

It looks like this now:

Bob Ross Poster


The end.

I also totally forgot to put that gallery page up for Sticker Doodles. My bad. I’ll do it later today.

So, real world time.

I have so much Pathfinder stuff to do today.

a) I need to work on upgrading Larry Jenkins before game play tomorrow night.

b) I need to work on my character for the new Monday night game that Back Alley Trey is running.

c) I need to work on my character for Lucky’s evil campaign.

d) I also have a stack of 16 first level human fighters that need to be worked over so that I can try to kill at the next Nerd Club meeting.

So much fun stuff to do, so few hours in the day.

Oh, and apparently my new anxiety med makes me dizzy for an hour after I take it. It is seriously like being drunk without the haziness around the edges. Great for dancing, shit for operating heavy machinery. Like your mom.

I’m off to roll some dice. Have fun at work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC



  1. Geoffrey says:

    Rad poster!

  2. Le Duc says:

    Love that poster

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