August 31, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

I see color now!

Now, mommy, I’m going to go take my drugs.

What a very brief weekend.

I got the mower fixed on Saturday.

Right after I ran 5.2 miles.

And nearly got heat exhaustion.

So I had to go inside and have a sit down to cool off…

Then I went to a little kid’s birthday party.

On Sunday, we just walked around a lot.

Puttering to our heart’s content.

I thought about napping at one point, but I just never got comfortable…

Now it’s Monday.

And we work on Mondays.

I have a few things on my list for today.

And the rest of the today will be spent reading/researching/building on my Arduino.

I’ve got two weeks to go before the new Strike book comes out, so I should probably finish the last 9 hours of “Lethal White”.

Maybe I’ll have time to listen to it again before the 15th.

Because then I’ll have 944 pages of detecting to do.

And my spare time will evaporate.

Books and baseball.

My late summer season.


Time to get to work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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