A Little Slice Of Heaven.


June 26, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Good morning all. I totally slept in this morning and it was awesome. Everything except for the biscuit making that kept happening on my leg, but all the rest of it was pretty sweet. The best part of yesterday was that I got some much needed “me” time. Operation B was hanging out with friends and Pancake Land went with White Chocolate up to Eureka to play since the rivers are so low right now. I had the house to myself. But, we’ll get back to that in a minute. First we must start from the beginning.

It was about 8:15am. I had just sat down to check my emails and write the day’s post when Word to Me called and inquired about how long it would take me to get ready. I glanced down at my cup of unconsumed coffee and told her that it’d be a few minutes at least. She went to pick up Prince Jazzbo and they grabbed me on their way to meet up with Jesus for some groceries. I ended up not getting anything, but it was worth the trip. Then I dropped WtM off to get her nails done, took PJ back to his house using WtM’s car and returned to her to await Johnny Fox, who was scheduled to lower my ears. This afforded me some quality reading time with “Still Life With Woodpecker”. Once my ears were sufficiently lowered, Teacher Sis swept in and picked me up.

We ran by and grabbed a giant bite to eat and headed off for some bargain hunting. The new AtoZ has opened in the old WalMart* on Midland, so we headed that way first to see what trouble, I mean treasure awaited us. I’ve got two words for you: Pop Chips.

Think flavor of a potato chip with the texture of a rice cake. This little bag was so friggin’ delicious that I almost went out to try and find a big bag of them, buy them and a tub of French onion dip, and eat every last bite of both. But, I did not.

After AtoZ, we headed to Target City to see what kind of clearance deals we could find. If you need patio furniture, Target is the place to get it right now. Everything is on clearance. Other than that, there wasn’t a lot going on bargain wise. After a quick run through BB&B to no avail and a run through BAM where I scored two first editions of “Last Samurai” by Helen Dewitt for $10, I returned home. Why two copies? Because Jackie the Mick’s copy has vanished. He and Furious Jessy came by to pick up the book and you know what that means. I had to trap them in ice.


Jackie the Mick.
Furious Jessy.

Fun times. After that, I finished listening to “Goblet” and took a shower. I needed to work on Physics homework, but I was getting hungry and who can do Physics on an empty stomach? So, I scrounged around for something to make. Let’s see what have I got?

Canned pizza dough.

Frozen Italian Sausage Crumbles

Jar of Pizza Sauce

Sliced Pepper Jack Cheese

Click. Light bulb in head just turned on. I’ll make calzones. And I did. Were they the bomb in Phantoms? I’ll let the leftovers do the talking.

Oh, wait, there are no leftovers because I ate every last one of those delicious bastards. How have I never made these things before? They are so simple to make and so tasty. I was going to explain how to make them, but if you can’t figure it out, then the I’ll have power over you. Mwhahaha….

But, alas, I couldn’t put off my homework forever. So, I hit the books and knocked out my homework. The stuff we’re working on is pretty simple as long as you’ve moderately grasped the previous concepts. That and if you have a cheat sheet with the equations on it. Done and done. Then after a victory lap around the house in my undies, it was off to bed.

That brings us up to now. This morning I’m going to write my article, make a menu and a grocery list, gas up and wash the truck, and go buy groceries. That just leaves taking out the trash and folding the laundry between me and an afternoon of watching mind-numbing television via NetFlix instant queue. Anyway, enough about me and my day. I’ve got to get stuff done. More soon. ~SC


  1. Jessica says:

    Excellent. I need lawn furniture cheap.

  2. Word to Me says:

    WtM and PJ…Muahahahahahaha!

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