Mug Shot.


January 28, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday was brutal. Most brutalist. I didn’t stop working until around 8pm. At which point I came home, ate leftover chili in Frito pie format, updated my Daily Photos, and hit the sack. Why so early to bed? Because it is early to rise for me today. I’m going to try and get a full day of mugs in today and tomorrow in order to try and get this order done. I mean, what else have I got to do this weekend?

I got 50 mugs made yesterday. I know what you’re thinking. 50?! That’s all?! Well, do consider that I also cut all of the tile slab that I made on Thursday and I made 228ish corner tile buttons as well. Today I plan on getting a lot more than 50 mugs made. But we shall see. I do have to trim all of the mugs that I made yesterday.

Luckily the little bit of rain that fell last night waited until I was crossing the street into my yard before starting to fall. Batman be praised!

What else is on the agenda for today? Well, in addition to making the crap out of some mugs, I’ve got to eat on assignment and get a haircut. My hair is starting to get in my face and, in general, look like crap. If I’m going to be working 12 hour days for the next little bit, then I need to streamline myself a little.

Okay, well I’d love to stay and chat, but there’s work to be done. Enjoy your weekend. More soon. ~SC


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