I Am Not Going To Lose Any Sleep.


September 29, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

Just because the lead singer of King Cobra had a sex change.

Oh, what a day yesterday was.

Let’s start from the beginning. The day began with Hell freezing over. West Brom beat Manchester United, at Old Trafford, 2-1. (Hasn’t happened since 1978.) It wasn’t until about the 85 minute of the game before anyone started acknowledging that maybe WBA was actually playing a decent game of football, instead of just randomly running around and fleeing from the ball as per usual, and that maybe the scoreboard wasn’t reflecting Man U playing poorly.

Granted, they made some bad decisions (cough…Anderson…cough) but overall they actually played pretty well. And by played well, I mean lots of shoving and grabbing of arms. The only player on the home team that earned his paycheck was Rooney and the rest of the club kept trying to bone him.

Regardless, they lost. To me. Personally.


Also, Aston Villa beat Manchester City 3-2. I told you, Hell froze over.

After that fun, I scored this:

franken berry


And possibly a first edition of this:



Then it was time for a burrito and adventure.

As an early birthday gift for Furious Jessy, the gang all got together and wrote a Space Girl Jessy one shot Pathfinder campaign. A one shot in which our fearless leader (drunk) got a group of mercenaries (mostly sober) together and boarded a wrecked cargo ship floating in space. We managed to get on board and to the control room (roughly three rooms in) before SGJ needed to take a little nap. Mostly we all just sat around and talked over each other making sci-fi references and Back Alley Trey talked through a voice changer as a lady droid (An-Troy-d). I think we finally managed to get to the second level of the ship before waking SGJ up to roll any important checks or attacks became too much work. Next time, I’ll just record it.

Oh, and as per the usual not wanting to update his own website, Back Alley Trey sent me these:

Nothing quite like a stoned dwarf hallucinating a rock concert inside his school desk.

I think that is all I’ve got for you on this cloudy Sunday. I hope the remainder of your weekend is spent doing the stuff that you want to do and not what other people want you to do.

More soon. ~SC


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