The Ol’ Australian French Kiss.


June 21, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

You know. It’s like a regular French kiss.

Just down under.

So Leon Sphinx called me out for forgetting to actually explain how Taco Planet fixed the sink.

For which I am very grateful.

The way Taco Planet fixed the sink is that he cut off the drain that was clogged, capped it, drilled a hole in the wall into the laundry room, and ran a drain from the kitchen sink into the clean out/master drain for the washing machine.

Whatever clogged up the kitchen drain pipe was evil enough to snap my brand new motorized auger’s cable in two places and fire a portion of it back at us in the kitchen. And the drain is also filled with a lot of churning black acidic greasy meat stuffs.

Thus condemning it to solitary confinement.

Leon also gave me some great feedback on my appearance on the Liberal Aren’ts podcast. If you haven’t given it a listen, feel free to do so by going here or listening to it wherever you normally get your podcasts.

And please feel free to give me feedback!!!

Yesterday was a day of driving.

In the rain.

Which my legs, after walking and running over 11 miles on Tuesday, did not appreciate it. All of my leg muscles were super tight and stiff…

Wednesday, June 20

What better way to work out that stiffness than to go for a run?

So I did.

Which sucked.

But kinda felt good.

Either way, it wore me the fuck out.

Today is Thursday. And it’s already looking to be a fun one.

And by fun I mean busy.

I’d better get this coffee down the hatch so I can think straight.

I’m gonna need my wits about me.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


  1. The kiss from down under..oh, how I miss those and the thunder! Yes! The Thunder! Sept and Oct are just around the corner and I hope to step foot on the grounds again.
    The drain sounds like you have some kind of evil demon in there…crazy as hello!!

  2. Leon Sphinx says:


  3. Charlotte says:

    Wow. Suuuper informative podcast! Didn’t expect to learn so much about bees today, but so grateful I took time for that tangent. Nice job!

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