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November 21, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Clear water is f***ing cosmopolitan, having a trained assassin stay overnight, letting heartbreaking lies roll over us like a summer breeze.

Happy Stuffing Day!

November 21 – Stuffing Day

I know what you’re thinking.

Because it isn’t side of a turkey it is dressing and not stuffing.

First off, fuck you. Right in your pedantic ass.

Second off, it’s fucking Stove Top. It’s made out of your childhood dreams and salt.

Thirdly, it says “Stuffing Mix” on the coddamn box.

So, we’re back to my first note.

Fuck you.



Yesterday was a rollercoaster.

It was actually more like a ping pong match played while on a rollercoaster.

Back and forth, up and down. All day.

I bought three weeks worth of comics, but I closed my pull box at Rock Bottom for the time being.

No more comics for a while until At Your Service gets really established.

Being a grown up is dumb.

I also got my paid for my first invoice.

And I bought supplies for our family road trip/holiday/vacation thing.

And all my clients canceled at the last minute.

I did manage to finish the fourth volume of Y the Last Man while I was sitting at basketball practice.

And I started the first volume of Powers.

In an attempt to not carry an actual library with me on the trip I loaded a bunch of comics onto the iPad.

I mean, I’m still carrying a box of single of single issues with me, but I’m not carrying a bunch of trades and graphic novels as well.

Today is Thursday.

And it’s going to be nuts as usual.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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