It’s Midnight In Dog Years.


June 30, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

Somebody had better feed the ghosts.

What the fuck.

Monday Mondayed hard yesterday.

But we got the first batch of our wedding photos back from Great Scott.

Go look at Facebook if you wanna be as blown away as we were by them.

Seriously. I can’t express my gratitude to GS and Bob, Son of Burle for driving all the way up here to make our day so magical.

And to Little Miss Cotton for making sure everything looked perfect.


Enough ass kissing.

Back to talking about my mundane Monday.

It took all the willpower I could muster to get out of bed and go run.

And I never got my batteries charged back up the rest of the day.

Lots of errands.

Lots of driving.

Lots of fusing cards on the Marvel trading card app.

A little, teensy bit of certification getting.

But mostly just a lot of trying to stay awake.

To varying degrees of success…

Today is Tuesday.

I’m going to attempt to finish what I didn’t get done yesterday.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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