Pajama Party For One?


September 11, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

Yep. The best kind of pajama party.

It’s because I can sit in a cloud of my protein shake farts in peace and not be judged by anyone else.

Yesterday was another blur of a day.

This week is flying by.

A giant fucking whirlwind of me not knowing what day it is.

It’s going by so quickly that I have no memory of taking the photo yesterday…

I’m fairly certain that it happened somewhere in between taking a client’s car to the shop and taking GooGoo for her check-up.

But I’m not a hundred percent.

Coffee with the Blacksmith was awesome.

He surprised me with a belated birthday/wedding present.

He had a comic artist we both really like turn one of mine and Jitterbug’s wedding photos into a comic-style panel.

It’s so fucking rad.

Perhaps everything started to blur because of all that coffee I drank…


Good call.

Today is Friday.

I’m going to attempt to catch up on all that stuff that I kept forgetting to do all week.

If only I could remember what it was.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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