Underneath the Abandoned Umbrella Factory In the Land of the Blind.


September 15, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Ol’ King One-Eye wishes he wasn’t nearsighted.

He’d probably get rid of the astigmatism too, if we’re making a wish list.

The word of the day is: Sale.

[ seyl ]
the act of selling.
a quantity sold.
opportunity to sell; demand:
slow sale.
a special disposal of goods, as at reduced prices.
transfer of property for money or credit.
an auction.

On any given day I usually have to take three to five shots for the daily photo before I get one that I either like or said “fuck it” and called it good enough.

Occasionally I’ll get something that’s good enough on the first try.

Every great once in a while I just fucking nail it.

Very rarely is the photo better than I hoped for and a one-shot.

Today is one of those days.

The look of absolute pitifulness on those dogs’ faces is fucking gold.

Yesterday was kinda like that.

Everything went very differently than expected.

But in a good way.

The forestry mulching crew came back ready to mulch.

They got about 45 minutes of work done over a four hour period.

And then machine flat out quit.


For the work they did, I’ll give them a half a point.

And I’m being generous.

So for those keeping score that’s:

Lippincottonia – 2

Forestry Mulchers – 0.5

I was in and out of the office and the house all day.

Ping ponging back and forth all day.

The day just got stranger and stranger until it finally peaked at 5:45 with a dog fight and way too many people all talking at the same time as we all rushed out of the house and off to our prospective meetings.


Or respective?

I think both might work in this situation.

We all had a personal errand to run in the near future.

We all rushed off to our prospective respective meetings.

I took Aldis the Goldenboy to futbol practice.

I sat in my chair off to the side just reading my book.

Until I finished my book.

Jitterbug called around then to update on her meeting and I updated her on Aldis just sitting in the backfield looking bored.

He’s playing goalkeeper.

And they were running drills for the midfielders and forwards.

She had the bright idea to just go to the other goal and kick balls at him for practice.

Kick a soccer ball at a kid?

For free?

I’m in.

A couple of the other dads brought the backfielders/defenders along and we all kicked balls at him.

The other dads were not shooting full force on him.

Until I kicked the everloving shit out of the ball at him.

The other team isn’t going to tap tap tap it in.

And to Aldis’ credit, he has no fear of taking a hit to stop the ball.

So then everybody let loose at him.

It was his best life.

And then, magically, it was 8pm and I hadn’t eaten or wrapped up work or anything.

Also, my toenails were not prepared for all that ball kicking.

I’ll need to trim them for next time.

If I become a ref I should probably invest in cleats, too.

I assume refs wear cleats, right?

This is why we have to take a class to become a ref.

Apparently, I just Googled it, refs have to wear athletic shoes of some kind.

Cleats, turf shoes, and running shoes are all appropriate.

Just as long as they are black.

They can NEVER be white.

I’d think that cleats or turf shoes would be better for traction on the field.

Especially if it’s raining.

But my trail runners will be good enough for kicking balls at Aldis for the next few months.

Today I’ve got to go check my bees.

I’ve neglected them with everything being batshit crazy the past few weeks.

Time to suit up and visit with them.

I should get a move on it before it gets hot as balls.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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