Honey Bun Cake Is Like the Patriarchy.


April 18, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

It might’ve seemed like a good idea at one point, but it’s really just a disappointment.

I didn’t feel like making a post Friday night.

So I took the whole weekend off from posting.

My week ended the way it had gone.

It was busy and chaotic.

Saturday’s theme was: pair.


Those are my shoes.

Not my sandals or my boots.

We spent the majority of Saturday mucking out the carport.

We rounded out the work day by shoveling all the organic debris that had collected along the carport’s slab, loading that into a wheelbarrow, and hauling it to the compost heap.

Months of sporadic workouts and frequent cookie binges made all the shoveling and deadlifting a wheelbarrow full of dirt really exciting for us.

Sunday’s theme was: bedroom.


And that is precisely where I spent the majority of Sunday.

Between the ridiculous amount of Eostre/Ishtar candy, cinnamon rolls, lemon blueberry rolls, honey bun cake, lemon cake, and thumbprint cookies I consumed all day and the full body soreness from Saturday’s fun I was a wreck most of the day.

But fuck it.

I was sugar high on chocolate eggs all day.

It beats being grumpy all the time.

My family may have thought that at first, but by the end of the day they were wishing for quiet, sullen Adam to reappear.

Sugar Adam is a crazy person.

Don’t you just love being manic?

I’m really looking forward to being sore AND having a sugar hangover today.

Today’s theme is: revoke.


It’s Monday for some of us.

We get to go to work.

The rest of y’all get “easter monday” off.

Whatever the fuck that is.

Tonight we have futbol.

I really need to get better at watching soccer and keeping up the leagues and whatnot.

In order to referee soccer you must study soccer.


Anybody into it these days?

Wanna soccer some soccer with me?

Until the fut hits the bols, I have lists to get through.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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