1. The End Of The World As I Know It.


    January 31, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

    Last night, after class, I went to bake some frozen biscuits for my breakfasts this week. I’m on a bit …
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  2. No, I’ll Take You Out.


    January 30, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

    So, apparently yesterday’s post was number 1000. Hooray! Yesterday wasn’t nearly as stupid as I had expected it to be. …
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  3. I’ve Got Blisters. On My Temporal Bone.


    January 29, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

    Are you tired of mugs yet? Not nearly as tired of them as I am. Let me assure you. I …
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  4. Mug Shot.


    January 28, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

    Yesterday was brutal. Most brutalist. I didn’t stop working until around 8pm. At which point I came home, ate leftover …
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  5. I Am A Transformer.


    January 27, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

    To set the mood for this post, I think a little theme music is in order. Maestro, if you please… …
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