Blame It On Dorothy.


May 27, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

Heaven knows it couldn’t possibly be the cute little bunny with fangs.

Last night, I introduced Deinonychus to Ray Johnson. You know, this guy:


Still confused? Go watch How to Draw a Bunny. It will change your life. I guess that could be said about anything, though. Your next meal or breath changes your life in a very small way, but whatever. Shuddup.

The point is, Ray Johnson had a Dorothy™. I just coined that phrase, by the way. A Dorothy™ is a person who is always up for anything. The Blaster to your Master, if you prefer the Thunderdome method. Ray would have an idea and Dorothy™ would implement it. I would say she was like Pepper Potts, but she tells Tony no a lot. Dorothy™ never played “Good Idea, Bad Idea”.

Anyways, I think having a Dorothy™ could be good, artistically, for me. Unfortunately, the original model has broken free of this mortal coil. She was so attractive.


I’ve got to get one. I wonder if Amazon carries them…

In other news, this video is for all of you cat lovers. Andi the Numbers sent me this and introduced me to Simon’s Cats. I am paying it forward. Enjoy:

And no cat cartoon would be complete if there wasn’t a box episode.

Also, I scored a copy of this yesterday:


Today is a day of nothing. I thought I had work, but I don’t. I’ll probably go ahead and do some prep work for tomorrow, but then, nothing. So sweet. Have fun doing stuff today. Suckers. More soon. ~SC


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