Striking my B-Boy Stance.


March 30, 2009 by sandwichcontrol




B is for birthday. And today was mine. Or, according to wordpress, yesterday was. Huzzah! You can tell that you are growing older, when all of your birthday plans involve doing nothing all day. I have noticed that my body and mind are naturally rebelling to the aging process by creating pockets of delirium throughout my day. Just the other day, I returned from work and proceeded to build a “shelter” out of my tripod and the bedding, tie my shirt around my head, and go on a desert/jungle adventure. After my adventure had come to an end, I “flew” around the room, flapping my unbuttoned shirt vigorously, as Bat-Adam. Yesterday, I sat next to Pancake Land as she was eating a cheese burger (please note that I absolutely despise the sounds of the eating process) and made highly exaggerated eating sounds as she ate. All of these events, when questioned by sane persons, were accompanied by my maniacal laughter. I, like Tom, don’t wanna grow up. But, alas, we all do. ~SC


Inside of the shelter. Note the headlamp.

Inside of the shelter. Note the headlamp.


  1. Pancake Land says:

    Happy Birthday, baby!

  2. Chuy says:

    How is that different from any other day? Oh, and happy birthday.

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