It can't rain all the time.


April 12, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Easter. Whatever that means to you. It is raining here at Sandwich Control, and somehow, I’ve already had to explain to Little Peddler why her black chickens had white babies. Please note, I have not finished a cup of coffee, yet. I should have just blamed it on the Milkman. Yesterday there was no rain and I took full advantage of that, or rather it took full advantage of me. I worked on Pancake Land’s radiator on her pickup, planted thirty tomato, um, plants, set type for a book of terrible poetry, helped Jackie the Mick take apart and reassemble his rear brakes, making no repairs in the process, (after disassembling them, we discovered a much larger problem) and finally caught up with D-man for a trip down the ghost of memory lanes past. And today it’s raining. A lot. Balls to this weather. Anywho, new Daily Photographs and a new Mustache. If I get bored enough today, I’ll take pictures of my house and put them up, for those of you will never see it (due mainly to your personal hygiene). For now, coffee. ~SC


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