Wheat Thins Artisan Cheese Crackers…


April 6, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

are fantastic. I bought a box of the Wisconsin colby. And they taste like eating wheat thins and colby. It was brilliant. I know what you are thinking: “Dude, they are cheese crackers.”. Yes, but, they are the newly instated king of the cheese cracker revolution. We are so used to eating things that say that they taste like something and don’t. The age old purple-flavored popsicle scenario. They may be called grape popsicles, but they taste like purple, not grape. All that I am saying is, if you like wheat thins and you like colby, these crackers are excellent. Has anyone out there tried the Vermont white cheddar? Let us know how they are. I read some where that both flavors cause horrid breath. Well, that’s nothing new coming from me. Just ask Pancake Land. Anyways, I’ve updated the April Daily Photographs and am working diligently on my upcoming short film “In My Shoes”, so, I will keep you updated on that as well. More stuff very soon. ~SC


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