Your ass is Grass.


May 5, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

On the day that Gretsky escaped, my sister called me in a panic. She informed me that if I wanted her parakeet, I’d better take it immediately or else it was going to be “returned” to the wild. So, I agreed. His name is Grass. I assume because he is green. Grass is a male. Up until the moment I received Grass, I believed that Mortimer Ichabod was also a male. Now I am not so sure. He/She is unsexable until he/she is no longer an adolescent. When I introduced them Grass ignored Moritmer, who immediately climbed to the ceiling and, while hanging upside down, starting pecking at Grass’ face. Now that they are used to each other, Mortimer just follows Grass around. If Grass is sitting on the perch, Mortimer will sit next to him. If Grass is eating, Mortimer wants to eat. Is it a competition? Is it Mortimer trying to learn how to be a bird? Is it gay? Is Mortimer a female? So many questions, so little else to do, I’ll probably find the answers. ~SC

From left: Mortimer Ichabod, Grass.

From left: Mortimer Ichabod, Grass.


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