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June 20, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

and then pee your pants. I like coffee. I do not like being up so early on a Saturday, but that’s what happens when you become a grown up. You get in a sleep rhythm. And just because it is Saturday does not mean that you do not get up at 6:30am. Unfortunately for me Taco Planet borrowed my car last night and has yet to make it back over here, so I am stuck with the dogs, who are now thoroughly confused. Right now they should be running free in the green pastures of Lippincottonia, but no, they are still confined to the bedroom with a sleeping Pancake Land. Somehow this amuses me. And Mortimer Ichabod as well. M.I. laughs at them and their tiny brains and bladders. Speaking of Peepeedoodoo, today is Little Peddler’s birthday. So, take a moment and wish her a good one, or else I’ll hear about it and you’ll pay. What’s that Mickey? You’re right, I think it is time for more coffee. More soon. ~SC


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