The magician and the cheese cracker house.


June 14, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

As most of you know, I enjoy eating the Wheat Thins Artisan Cheese Crackers. Well, I finished a box of them the other day and placed the box with my stack of boxes that I’ll think about recycling. When I came home from work Friday, I saw that the box had migrated into Houdini’s cage. Houdini is Pancake Land’s dwarf hamster. Named this after escaping his packaging on Christmas eve and sending the entire family on a dwarf hamster chase. But anyway, Houdini’s new house is a cheese craker box. I don’t think that I can actually wrap my mind around this. Observe:

Houdini inside of cheese cracker house.

Houdini inside of cheese cracker house.

Meanwhile, I am sitting in my office, letting Mortimer Ichabod have his supervised out-of-cage time, typing on my wordpress, when I notice this:

Mortimer Ichabod showing the unintended use of a perch.

Mortimer Ichabod showing the unintended use of a perch.

Once he returns to the more traditional perch position, he begins to rub his face all over the wire posts and the wooden ledge. He is a strange bird. So, this is my life. I have a special lady friend who suffers from Pudding Brain, a hamster that lives in a cheese cracker box house, and a parakeet who is a perch nonconformist. Ain’t life grand? I can’t tell you happy it makes me to know that I’m not the weird one anymore. I can’t even imagine what our children will be like. Um, right. More Soon? I guess. ~SC (in a heightened state of confusion)

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