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June 6, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Together. In my office. Right before M.I. started pecking Grass' face.

Together. In my office. Right before M.I. started pecking Grass' face.

I always bring Mortimer Ichabod into my office to help me work on the computer. He usually sits quietly on his perch and watches me work and he sometimes offers his input in the editing process via a little throat tweetling. Since the arrival of Grass, anytime Mortimer comes into my office, they end up having some sort of squawking contest from opposing rooms. Needless to say it is not the ideal environment for working. Today I had had enough. I thought to myself “I have only a few options. 1) Release them both into the wild. 2) Put Mortimer back in the cage. 3) Bring Grass in here as well.” I wanted to keep Mortimer out because you are supposed to let your parakeets have a little daily supervised out-of-cage time. Since Grass doesn’t want out of the cage most of the time I do not worry about his out-of-cage time. So I made an executive decision. I put Mortimer back in the cage. Then I proceeded to break Grass to the fist, so to speak. I just touched him a lot. Anytime I would touch him, he would fly to the other side of the cage, where I would waiting for him and touch him again. He eventually became so exhausted that he had no other option than to sit on my finger. At which point I brought him into my office and set him on the perch. Then I retrieved Mortimer. I think that they were both so freaked out at having to sit so close to each other and behave that they did not know what to do. They behaved for about ten minutes, long enough for me to snap a few photographs, before Mortimer started pecking Grass’ face. Grass was too tired to really defend himself, so I took them back to their home where they could ignore each other in peace. As for me, I am working on a list of things to do while Pancake Land and White Chocolate are kayaking tomorrow. Hopefully I will get to take some photographs and get the new work/storage room cleaned out. Jackie the Mick wanted me to help him wrangle some cattle in the morning. I also need to move our air conditioner because it is an eyesore. So many options. My life is never dull. More soon. ~SC


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