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July 18, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

The reunion is tonight. Apparently my friends went out last night, but I missed the call. I got the message this morning. What are gonna do, you know? Maybe lunch or afternoon coffee or something. I’ll try and call them later. I imagine after going out for drinks last night they are not going to be getting up at 7:00am and if they are, they probably don’t want to talk to me that early. It will work out one way or another. On a different note, I have been meaning to update you on Pancake Land’s condition. A little recap for the not-so-regular reader, Pancake Land was taking Cymbalta (an anti-anxiety medication) and quit and went through withdrawals. The effects of which included, but were not limited to, Brain Nausea, Brain Zaps, uncontrollable crying, mood swings, dizziness, and the inability to remember how to walk up stairs. She is much better now. It only took a month, but the withdrawal symptoms have receded to the point where they only occur maybe once a week rather than every fifteen to twenty minutes. Maybe once a week she will be talking to me and mid-sentence just stop and have to reboot. Which is a much desired improvement. She is feeling so much better, in fact, that she has resumed working on writing her book. She is mainly in the phase she calls “flushing out the plot” which means lots of trips to the library. Pancake Land has to have the entire story outlined and planned before she starts to really get into the “heavy writing” phase. Maybe that is why I write Haiku. No planning, no flushing out plots, no heavy writing, just 17 syllables. Speaking of which, I am up to three new Haiku in my book that I am writing. Slow and steady wins the race. Oh, I just got another one!

When writing Haiku,

Slow and steady wins the race.

I believe in you.

Well, what do you think? I like it, but, of course, I am a little biased. If only I can remember to carry my “idea” book to capture the ideas as they come. I always to forget to write things down and then I cannot remember them to bring them to life. I actually remembered to make a note about what to write in the this post last night, so this morning, all groggy and sleepy eyed, I would not have to come up with something to write about, only blather on sleepily. Well, I’m off to get more coffee in me. Send some good creative vibes to Pancake Land for me. More soon. ~SC


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