Get to za choppa.


July 22, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

For the past two days I have felt, overall, crappy. Moody, tired, unmotivated, overly emotional. Yes, I have been a high school girl for the past two days. Not really. The weirdest part of it is that I am constantly hungry. Not like “Man, I could go for some Chinese food right about now.”, but more like “I must eat the buffet. All of it. Sneeze guards and all. Must eat. Must eat.”. I don’t know if it is the general crappiness that makes me want to comfort myself by gorging or if it is the general lack of energy that has me craving food energy. Maybe it is my giant parasitic intestinal worm. I don’t know. Whatever it is, it is stupid. I feel a little better today, so we shall see if it has passed. On a different note, I have been a little constipated, both physically and emotionally, recently, so I decided to eat a couple of the Fiber Plus bars for breakfast yesterday to get things moving. I got the Dark Chocolate and Almonds ones and oh my God are they delicious. Other than allowing me a deliciously decadent poop inducing breakfast, they also allow me to feel like I am eat a candy bar for breakfast, which I am. If I had a Coke, it would be just like high school. Ahhhhhhh, junk food breakfast, how I miss you. If only they had a Coke that had ten grams of fiber in it (give it time), I could probably convince myself to drink it with breakfast. Well, on the way over here to Lippincottonia, my muffler decided to fall down and drag all the way here, so I have to go put that mess back together now. Tonight is Wipeout at White Chocolate’s house. Hooray! More soon. ~SC


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