Hard drive driven harder.


July 27, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

La Duchess’ hard drive is busted. Luckily we have all of the information backed up else where. This is not the first hard drive failure in Lippincottonian history. Nor will it be the last. I saw something very strange yesterday. Like most things that I see or hear about, naturally, I assume that it is old news. Therefore, I run everything by Pancake Land who is typically up to speed on everything. I was driving home after cutting paper and working on computers in Lippincottonia and there was this person on a bicycle who was holding up traffic. Don’t get me wrong, it was not the cyclist’s fault, it was the oncoming traffic’s. Anyway, I took a detour which provided me the opportunity to see one of the Buddhist temples here in town. I have driven by it many times, but yesterday was the first time I had ever noticed what was across the street. There is a flat top, gray painted, cinder block building with black canvas awnings over the windows and door. Printed in white on the black canvas are the initials PMC. There is a sign out front that reads: Progressive Men’s Club. I immediately thought is was a shady gay club. When I ask P.L. what is up with the PMC, she is stared at me blankly. Whew! I am not left out again. So, both of us intrigued at this point, we decide to consult the all-knowing innernet to find out what’s up. It turns out that a group of guys got together and decided that the neighborhood kids did not have many positive male role models and so, they formed a group. They go out and do good deeds. They mow grass and do handyman work for people in need. They also attend church as a group. They do lots of stuff as a group. I don’t know which is stranger to me, the PMC being a shady gay club in the middle of a neighborhood, across the street from a beautiful Buddhist temple or an organized group of do-gooders who attend church as a collective unit. On a different note, ha ha, I got all of the covers for my little notebooks cut and folded. All I have left to do is fold and assemble the text blocks and sew the books together. Slow and steady. Well, I am going to go get ready to work. I leave in two days for Philadelphia to do the big wholesale show. Updates will probably happen, but don’t hold your breath. More soon. ~SC


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