Let free dumb wring.


July 4, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Independence Day! Or for all of you Brits out there: Happy Fourth day of July! Oh, speaking of Brits, chips sound really good right now, with a little salt and malt vinegar, mmmmm. Delicious. Well, yesterday, after a short work day, Operation B and I built a giant slip-n-slide for Pancake Land’s Fourth of July Slip-N-Slide Extravaganza. When I say giant, I mean ten feet by seventy feet giant. Seeing as how I am not in any way prepared or qualified to build a slip-n-slide, once it was constructed, I made Operation B test it out and I collected the empirical data and made adjustments. The results are in:

Operation B slipping and sliding.

Operation B slipping and sliding.

It works! Just for good measure and to em-bare-ass Operation B:

Shorts meet slip-n-slide. And they fight!

Shorts meet slip-n-slide. And they fight!

Anywho, many valuable lessons were learned during our experiments. Such as, guys need to use the boogie board or else risk testicular damage, never hold the boogie board with your fingers on the sliding surface of the board or risk broken fingers when board makes contact with planet Earth, grass burns are real not mythical, and so on. I would love to stay and chat, but I must away to make further preparations for this event. There are a couple of new mustaches up, with the possiblity of more this evening. Until then, don’t shoot your eyes out. ~SC


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