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July 31, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday, as expected, was pretty uneventful. We ate a lot and sat around a lot. In order to not bore you to death, I will not regale you with the menus of all of our meals, just one. We ate dinner at the Nodding Head, which is one of Philly’s many microbreweries. I had the Buffalo Turkey Burger with bleu cheese. It came with pomme frite and a horseradish mayo for dipping them into. Le Duke had the Meatloaf sandwich and “dirty” fries. I think that the “dirty” just meant covered in mushroom gravy, but I am not 100% certain. Either way, all of it was delicious. Before dinner, we had almost totally set up our booth at the BMAC and then we helped our friend Nina Bernardi set up some of hers. We also shot the breeze for a while with some of the ACG crew. Today is a cloudy day. Hopefully the rain will hold off until I can go and shoot more of the building with sign language painted on it. I saw the building’s entire mural yesterday, and realized that the signs on it are just random and that they don’t say anything in particular. No hidden message. But, since I said that I would photograph it, I will. Last night, when we returned to the hotel, I decided that it was “Metal Night” and played Slayer as loud as my lappy could manage. Le Duke was not thrilled or excited about “Metal Night”. I eventually cancelled “Metal Night” when Le Duke wanted to go to sleep. Anywho, I had better get a move on if I want to stay ahead of this weather. More soon. ~SC

Update: The building has a lot of sign language on it. It also has braille. Under each of the words/letters it says what it is in written English. And for the record it was U-X-K and, unseen at the time, at the bottom was F.

Mystery solved.

Mystery solved.


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