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August 9, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I have watched some of the Karate Kid movies in the past few days and I have to say that watching them as an adult is much different than watching them as a child. The first thing that I noticed is the numerous racial slurs spoken at or about Mr. Miyagi. The next thing is that Daniel-san never gets the girl. Sure, he does, but only until the credits roll. Ally leaves him for some UCLA football player and Kumiko takes a job in Tokyo working for a dance company. In Karate Kid III, he doesn’t even get the girl at all because she is working things out with her cheating ex-boyfriend in Ohio. Daniel-san also has this really great teenage angst. It is this beautiful blend of anger, confusion, naivety, and goofiness. All he wants is to keep his title or, in the case of  Karate Kid II, not die. Also in that movie, Pancake Land and I made an excellent discovery when Daniel-san and Kumiko are in town watching the ballet dancers on TV this guy comes up to Kumiko and invites her to a party and tells her to bring her friend. That guy plays the scientist who is hatching raptors and explaining about the dinosaurs all being female in Jurassic Park and he also played Father Ray Mukada on OZ, who sings a Tori Amos song on the muscial episode where Augustus (Harold Peraneau) overdoses and cannot narrate the segues. At first I thought that he was James Kyson Lee, the guy who plays Ando on Heroes. Wishful thinking I guess. Now that I think about it, Lee would be too old be play Ando had he been in Karate Kid II. This saddens me. Well, all of this talk of Japan has reminded me that I need to call Dark Wombat. I will continue to reflect on 80’s movies and keep you posted on my thoughts. More soon. ~SC


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