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August 30, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

So, I got out to the studio and discovered that Le Duke had almost filled the kiln. So, after of about five minutes of he and I rationalizing, we came to the conclusion that I really did not need to glaze anything today. Therefore, I could go home and not work today. Woohoo! So I have returned home and am debating on whether to go meet up with Little Peddler and G-Man at the river for some fishing or to lie around the house and watch movies, and maybe do some Chemistry homework much later in the afternoon. Perhaps I will just do nothing.

I got a really nice copy of The Joy of Cooking yesterday. Perhaps I will read a little of that and maybe cook something for me and Pancake Land for dinner. Dinner and movies on a rainy day. I like that.

I have a bunch of projects, as usual, that I am working on in my head. I am starting what I call a Notebook Cookbook. Which is just that. Well, not really. It is not a cookbook filled with recipes on how to make notebooks. It is a notebook of all of my favorite recipes and recipes that I have, not really invented, but, let’s say, made my own. It will also be a collection of my family’s recipes that are sort of staple foods at holiday gatherings. My Nanny’s Creamie Bars are to die for.

Another one of my projects is something that Pancake Land mentioned yesterday, but I have sort of been thinking about for a while, a photo series of strangers. Her idea, which I thought was excellent, was that I had to introduce myself to a stranger once a day, or once a week, and photograph them. It would be more than just a photo project, it would be a sort of get to know the people in your world and photograph them project.

I had the idea to do a project that got you, the reader, involved in the site as well. It would be a Rogue’s Gallery sort of thing, where you, if you so choose, take a self portrait of yourself and send it to me, and that way all of you devoted readers and commenters can see what each other looks like.

Another project, which some of you may remember, is one that Dave and I did years ago, and we have been wanting to revisit in digital format, called “Lampshades”. The premise is from the 80’s anti drunk driving ad campaign where a guy gets so drunk at a party that he walks out of the house wearing a lampshade on his head. The idea is that he is so drunk that he has no idea that he is wearing a lampshade on his head. The idea for the photo series came about when Dave and I were cleaning out a storage room in Lippincottonia and found like twenty something lampshades and instinctively put them on our heads. We developed the idea further and went out and shot it. I have only 35mm prints of the original series, but they are fantastic. Plus, the looks we got from people passing by were priceless.

Well, I am going to go try to get Pancake Land out of bed and try to figure out what we are going, or not going, to do today. More soon. ~SC


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