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August 2, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Everyone who knows me knows that my favorite thing, other than Pancake Land, is eating. I am also excited to try new things in food and eat globally. Philly is a place for eating. We always go to amazing restaurants here. In the past few days I have eaten pub fare, Burmese food, and last night, Ethiopian food. If there is one thing that I like better than eating, it is eating with my hands, especially when you get lots of delicious bread to do it with. Check out the menu.

Menu at Abyssinia.

Menu at Abyssinia.

Do note the “Foul” and the “Gored-Gored”. Unfortunately, after days of eating globally, my insides are having an ethnic identity crisis. So tonight, I will probably be eating something a little less exotic. Oh, who am I kidding? I know for a fact that we are going to Monk’s Belgian Cafe for dinner tonight. At least I will be back under the umbrella of “Western Diet”.  I guess that is close enough. Unfortunately Monk’s stopped carrying the amazing chicken pot pie. Anywho, the first day of the BMAC is over and two more days to go. Pancake Land is hung over and on vacation. So, she misses me terribly because I am the one who takes care of her during both of those conditions. But I am stuck here being tortured by world cuisine. Well, it is that time again where I have to think about getting dressed and mentally preparing to sell pottery to galleries. Lots of photographs have been added since my arrival in Philly, so check them out. August Daily Photographs are up. There were supposed to be eight, but I failed to get into frame for one of them, so I will retake that one today. More soon. ~SC


  1. TeacherSis says:

    I wish I had been there with you! If you share the said “hand food” with someone else the world cuisine gods will be nicer to you.

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