Geez, These Things Breed Like Rabbits.


September 25, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Good morning all. Today is going to be a short one. I am trying to learn to use InDesign and I have to do it off the clock.

Anywho, update on the War of Terror: Sandwich Control – 31, Mice – 0.

Classes are over for the week, tests are taken, and I can relax this weekend. And by relax, I mean work on all of the stuff that I have been neglecting. Such as, the secret Doctor’s book project. I would say more about that, but it’s a secret, silly.

I would like to say that my new Kevin Smith book should be in today, but I just tracked it and the USPS tracking system has been informed that my package should be on its way to them any day now. Right. Not gonna hold my breath about that one.

Um, yeah, so I’m going to go drink this cup of coffee and work on InDesign. More soon. ~SC


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