Dear Sweet Baby Jesus…


September 3, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Somewhere between not being able to fall asleep and waking at 5:30am when it started hailing I have managed to find a place where I don’t feel exhausted. Perhaps, I am actually still asleep. The first signs of light have appeared outside and the rain just keeps on falling. My plan is to leave a little earlier than normal and drive to school. I have to leave earlier than normal in order to not have to park further away than Lippincottonia. That would defeat the purpose.

I have been feeling overwhelmed this past week, as you probably know. I would consider the stress a normality for the beginning of a semester if it were not for the degree of intensity of which I feel it. I feel like I am drowning. And it is all because of Chemistry. So, last night I was thinking about it and I realized that the only way that I am in Chem II is (1) my deductive reasoning skills on multiple choice tests and (2) a Bell Curve. If I had not barely scraped by on the test that got me out of Intro to Chem or, alternately, if I had not been awarded a grade that I did not earn which convinced me that I was ready for a much higher level class than I need to be in, I would not so totally lost in a solution of Group II cations and HCl.  Therefore, I have decided to start all over in Chemistry, back to square one. So, having decided to drop Chem II and start all over beginning with Intro to Chem, I feel much better. Like one of the feet that was holding me underwater has been lifted off of my head.

Well, I should probably head that way. September Daily Photographs are up and you can view them now. So, you should. More soon. ~SC


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