Run To the Hills, Run For Your Life.


September 20, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday I went running around with my family for most of the day. Our local K-Mart is closing and me and my siblings went by there to see if there were any deals worth snatching up. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, I spotted this:

Um...mount up?

Um...mount up?

And that is how the rest of the day went. The only thing that rivals the brilliance of one Oklahoman is possibly the brilliance of an entire corporation as seen here:

That's right kids, you too can trade in your chance for an education for 130 HD cahannels.

That's right kids, you too can trade in your chance for an education for 130 HD cahannels, whatever those are.

It always amazes me. I now own a little piece of amazement. Anytime that I am in need of something amazing, all I have to do is look at this photograph. I know I am not perfect. I make spelling errors the same as anybody, but I try to self edit and proof read. Spelling errors get through and people, typically Pancake Land, bring them to my attention and I correct them. But, come on now, we are talking about the company that is DIRECTV. You would think that they could hire at least one employee who would have spotted that before sending it to the printer.

So, after all of my running around I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and then picked up the dogs from Lippincottonia, returning home just in time to make the Razorbacks’ offense/defense forget the basics of football using the colossal powers of my bad luck. I have now been banished from the house on game day. It’s better for everybody if I am not here when they play. This way, I do not get greeted with cries of hate upon entering the house and they do not have to blame me for their favorite team making simple mistakes in a continuous fashion. I will miss getting buffalo wings on Saturdays, though.

Today is going to be a stupid day. I have to study/cram for two tests that I have on Tuesday.

The good news is that I finished gluing my cookbook/notebook together last night, whilst hiding for my life from angry football fans. It is in my book press right now and I will pull it here in a little while and have Pancake Land photograph it when she gets up. She has product photography down pat. Whereas I can take photographs of myself like it is going out of style. Not that it was ever in style.

Anyways, I had better get to it. More soon. ~SC


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