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September 11, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Hello little workers. It Friday again and today is a special Friday, because today is Freedom Day. That’s right, today is the day where you can do and say whatever you like and all will be forgiven once you utter the word Freedom. Try it. It’s fun.

The other day I made risotto using the recipe in the Joy of Cooking. It was not much different from my normal recipe, except that it called for either 1/2 teaspoon Fennel seed or a “tiny pinch” of Saffron. So, let’s talk about Saffron for a little bit.

Saffron, if you did not know, is the most expensive herb in the world. I realized this when shopping for ingredients and opted for the $5.00 bottle of Fennel seed rather than the $14.95 bottle that contains a tiny envelope of Saffron. During a conversation with my financial advisor, Jackie the Mick, we had the idea to try and grow Saffron. The idea was much more of a fantasy/ get rich scheme sort of idea, but since I have been wanting to grow my own herbs anyway, the idea stuck and I started researching it.

Saffron is actually not an herb in the traditional leaves or seeds kind of way that most of us are used to. Saffron is actually the stamen of the crocus flower (Crocus Sativus). That’s right, we are stealing the delicate lady parts of flowers. Since they are so delicate, they must be picked by hand. Also, a single crocus flower only has three stamens. They say the it would take 80,000 crocus flowers to produce one pound (453.59237 g) of Saffron. No wonder it’s so bloody expensive. An herb that only comes three per plant and must be picked by hand and would take 80,000 flowers to make a pound of it = expensive.

The good news is that you can grow your own. You just need the corms (kind of like bulbs) of the crocus. So, today, I will be calling nurseries around town hunting crocus. About a year after I plant them, I should have enough Saffron to last a year or so. Right. We shall see.

Speaking of risotto, everyone send their condolences to Pancake Land today. Little Peddler decided that the risotto I made Wednesday night was “taking up too much room in the fridge” and threw it away last night. Pancake Land was furious and heartbroken upon making the discovery. All of this means that I will be making risotto very soon.

But first, I’ve got to go to work. Stay tuned for more from the eastern spice trade routes. More soon. ~SC


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