No Matter What Way You Shake That Out, It's Smart One Way and Dumb the Other.


October 11, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

My apologies for the tardiness of today’s post. It was a late night and a busy morning.

First off, I would like to congratulate Nicky the Cook in earning the Bronze medal in the 5k that he ran yesterday. I can’t even run up the stairs, let alone 3.106856 miles. Congrats again Nicky.

Last night I went over to Nicky the Cook’s place and we made an amazing dinner and shot the breeze/reminisced about high school. I have to say the highlight of the evening was the drunken banter between Shamrock and D-Man concerning their future “Not-at-the-Same Time SHarem”. You had to have been there. Take my word for it, Nicky and I have not laugh so much in a long time. My ribs hurt today.

Today my family and I are getting together for lunch to wish Prince Jazzbo a Happy Birthday. Which means that at some point, in the very near future, I have to make my way down to the kitchen and invent something of the food variety to take to this shindig. I was thinking something in the vein of banana bread, but now I am leaning towards some sort of cookie. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

I have somehow managed to shirk all of the responsibilities I have, concerning school work and art projects, this weekend. I can promise you that it was not that hard. I do, however, need to knuckle down today and get some work done.

Yesterday, between lunch and dinner, I started working on a film project concerning this year’s Daily Photographs. It, obviously, will not be released until the end of the year, but I got a good jump start on it. I did, however, finish a tiny little film. And when I say tiny, I mean five seconds long. It is a series of photographs that I took of a fire pit. It is called Fire! and I have published it on the newly renamed page called The Corner Video Store. This will be the page where my films live. Be sure to check it out. It will only take about five seconds. Plus, if you have not seen In My Shoes yet, it is there as well.

Well, I need to go start baking something. More soon. ~SC


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