That Sinking Feeling.


October 22, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I feel very overwhelmed today. Tests, and papers, and homework, and workwork, and the Secret Doctor’s Book. I need to spend the weekend working on my Psychology paper and the layout for the SDB, but I have volunteered to work at “Art in the Park” all day Saturday, so I can’t.

Sometimes it surprises me how nice I can be. And stupid at the same time. I guess they go hand in hand. Think back to High School, to that girl who was genuinely nice to everyone. Now that you think of it, wasn’t she kind of stupid, too?

My problem is that I cannot tell people “No.”. If someone needs something from me, I try to help them out. Then another person, and another person, and another person. Pretty soon, I’m spread thin. Yes, like butter scraped over too much bread.

That is how I feel today. It probably does not help that I slept for crap, woke up early, and it has been raining for the last ten hours. Coffee isn’t even helping. Missing Monday as thrown my week to Hell.

Ahhhhhh….. enough of this depressing crap!

Season 6.

Season 6.

Now that someone has pointed out that no one likes Padma, it is kind obvious and awkward. Now that I have typed the word awkward, it is awkward as well. She is trying to be a little bit more of a hard-ass though. Like last night when she actually asked for some salt. Ouch. She will never be up to Toby’s level, but I think she is holding her own, even if the rest of the judge’s don’t respect her.

It seems funny to me that the other judges do not respect her because she is not a Chef, but they make her be the executioner. Maybe the producers think that the contestants will take it better if Padma tells them that they have to leave. I think maybe it is the way that she says “Please” first. It makes it seem that she is asking you politely to leave, rather than implying that you just lost the competition and all of your dreams of being Top Chef  just got flushed down the toilet. I keep waiting for the episode where someone just flips out. Everyone always leaves so graciously. One day someone is going to go all berserk and throw stuff and punch a camera man. It will be glorious.

Well, I feel a little better. I need to go get ready for my back to back Prob/Stats and Psych tests. More soon. ~SC


  1. Alex says:

    Ahead of the curve, nice, like it, dig it love it
    I guess I will see you Saturday sometime

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