Ducks, Please Stay In A Row.


November 2, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

It is Monday again.

It’s funny that I should use the term “Ducks in a Row” because my psychology paper was over the imprinting of baby ducks. Speaking of which, I got it finished. Yeah!

I made great progress on the Secret Doctor’s Book this weekend as well. Such great progress that I am about to take the final draft to my editor and wait for the  greenlight to go to press. And by press, I mean Fedex Office. The assignment for my Prob/Stats class turns out to be involving software that is only for PC, lame, so I am in limbo about that until I hear back from Dr. D. or until the assignment is due and then I won’t be in limbo anymore. I will be out of luck. I am also sitting on my hands until we something from the City Wire. Jackie the Mick entered the contest as well, so we have two horses in the race. Wish us luck.

Pancake Land got her first 1700 words written, or rather typed, yesterday. She also has a big wholesale order due this week, so I will be tied up in the evenings until we get that out.

The only thing that is out of the ordinary this week is that I will be working on the new house for Le Duke. Normally I work in the studio, but this week we have some extra hands and my hands got called in to help them knock this project out. This means that I will probably be laying tile. Goodie.

Well, I’m off to drop this book off at the editor’s office. More soon. ~SC



  1. Jackie The Mick says:

    Yeah, well, one of those horses drinks too much these days and mixes metaphores when writing about classic cars, so remember that when you call your bookie.

  2. Jackie The Mick says:

    …and has problems with spelling it would seem.

  3. Furious Jessy. says:

    I like that particular incorrect spelling, very scientific seeming in its incorrectness.

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