Payday Couldn't Come Too Soon.


November 16, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

By the time you read this, we will have reached the 6,000 view mark. It was only 21 days ago when we hit 5,000. That’s like 50 views a day. Totally amazing. Totally.

So, I read Water for Elephants yesterday. Well, not all of it yesterday. I was on page thirty something when I started yesterday. You can tell that I enjoyed it because 1) I managed to read almost the entire book in one sitting 2) I managed to read while Pancake Land watched television. That in and of itself is amazing. Anyone who knows me knows that if a television is on in the room, then I am watching it. Weather Channel, CNN, ESPN, SyFy, Lifetime, doesn’t matter. Brain instantly switches to the off position when I spot a television. So, to sit and read an entire book, only the last fifty pages or so actually, while the television was on, with only the occasional glance in its direction, means that I was glued to the pages. To my credit, and to keep my reputation in tact, I had read the majority of the book before the television was turned on. Had it been turned on from the beginning, I would not typing about it right now. I would not have said anything about reading 15 pages of a book in the course of an entire Sunday. Doesn’t make for a good story.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. A lot. The only thing that I am sort of confused about is the fact that she never explained why you don’t carry what for elephants. Maybe I missed it. Who knows? I mean, I can only assume that you don’t do it due to the massive volume of liquids an elephant can drink, but I felt a little unresolved. I wouldn’t be nearly as upset about this point if it wasn’t the title of the freakin’ book. I guess if the only thing I can find to complain about this book is that one point, then I would have to say the rest of the book is spectacular. And it is. Read it. It gave me a boner once or twice. Just kidding.

Up next I am reading How to Lose Friends & Alienate People by Toby Young. It is the newest book that I got and it was on the top of the stack, so I’ve been staring at it since Monday and it has piqued my interest. Plus, it’s Toby Young. He’s known for being brutally honest to the point of hurting people’s feeling and subsequently losing his job(s) for it. I’ll let you know how it is.

Today is the start of the glazathon, I think. I don’t know. Whatever. I do know that I have a dentist appointment this morning. Yes! I love going to the dentist. I am the only person in the entire universe who enjoys going to the dentist. Perhaps it is my curious nature that makes me enjoy it. Ever since I was a kid, my dentist has always been forthcoming with information when I had questions. As I get older the information has gotten more technical and my questions have gotten harder. It doesn’t hurt going to the same dentist for 21 years. Plus, they usually let me keep my X-Rays. I will be probably get in trouble for not flossing as much as I should, as usual.

Well, I need to go scrub the coffee off my teeth and tongue in order to not offend that poor Hygienist. It is bad enough that I ask questions, forcing her to constantly stop working in my mouth to allow me to speak, but coffee breath on top of that, well, that’s just mean. More soon. ~SC


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