Toothsome and Jetsom.


December 3, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I almost cried when Jennifer got sent home last night on Top Chef. The look on her face was the saddest thing I have ever seen. I now know what the “agony of defeat” looks like. And it makes me want to cry.

Yesterday, I thought of some embarrassing story to tell you, but I forgot to write it down, so it is back in the ethos, or the mythos, or the mentos, or the pyros, or the gyros. Mmmm… gyro….

This morning my car wouldn’t start. I can’t really be mad. I mean Jackie the Mick found that car in a field. He flushed the transmission, drove it for a year, then sold it to me for two cigarettes. I’ve been driving it for almost two years now. If it dies then I have the utmost respect for Volvos. If it warms up outside and starts up then I will continue to drive it and I’ll have the utmost respect for Volvos. When people say that they last forever, they mean it. Jeez. Needless to say, but I think I got my two cigarettes worth out of it.

Speaking of stupid things, not really, but I’m not known for gracious segues, I have a Prob/Stats test this morning. Lame. After that, I am going shopping for hopefully the last of the Christmas gifts. I’m so ready to be done with the forced shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and family, but I would much rather be shopping for me. Is it wrong to buy people things and deep down hope that they don’t like it or they already have one so that you can keep it?

My shopping motto is “Buy people stuff that I would want to get.”. It usually works. The only time that I have to not follow that rule is if someone asks for something specific. Like a …. well, I had better not spoil anyone’s surprise. You’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve also been thinking about Change and Anvil a lot lately. It’s a thing that Taco Planet and I came up with a long time ago. It’s about these two guys who accidently sell their souls to the Devil in exchange for bizarre superpowers. Unfortunately for them, the Devil wants to collect, payment due, now. Sort of a Stan Lee and Raymond Chandler write Faust with a soundtrack by Tom Waits kind of thing. Not that I’m working on it or anything. I’ve just been thinking about it is all.

Well, I should probably go do some stuff before my brain gets all melty. It’s a good thing that it has this candy shell. More soon. ~SC


  1. Word To Me says:

    I’ve been thinking about buying you an electric can opener and maybe a screen protector for a Droid for Christmas 🙂

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