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January 30, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Good morning, all. I have almost regained my bearings in this place I call home. Yesterday was a day spent showering and emptying my suitcase. I met up with my microbiology lab partner and got a refresher of the first four chapters of lecture in preparation for our test Tuesday morning. We probably used the word “peptidoglycan” four hundred times in the two hour study session. I’m guessing that peptidoglycan is somehow important to what we’re going to be learning the rest of the semester. It’s just a guess, though.

I also went over to Little Peddler/G-Man’s house for to do the shaving off of G-Man’s hair. It was starting to come out in clumps and he was very concerned about being able to sit down to eat without having clumps of his hair landing on his plate. That is about as true to G-Man form as you can get.

Pancake Land and the others went out Friday night to celebrate a handful of good news. They celebrated White Chocolate’s birthday and they celebrated Mellie Mel and Little Miss Cotton getting new jobs. Despite the celebrations, P.L. wasn’t in the hurt locker too badly yesterday and she wound up discovering her new favorite outfit, via Word to Me’s Grismas presnent to her, a union suit:

Now she wants one in every color. I think it is great. I’m all for the use of onesies. They act as both underwear and outerwear. Which means fewer clothes to wash. Brilliant. The only color coordinating that needs to happen for a complete outfit is the selection of socks. As you can tell from the photo, P.L. opted for the patriotic look.

While I was emptying my suitcase yesterday, I came across a handful of things that I wanted to post about while in Cancun, but my lack of a scanner stopped me. Then I ended up taking photos of them anyway, but nonetheless, I have them ready for posting now.

On my first morning of vacation, I learned the hard way the difference between Mexican sugar packets and Mexican artificial sweetener packets. It is all about reading the fine print. In the States we are all about color-coding these things in order to make them idiot proof. Since I am, apparently, an idiot, I fell right into the trap of eating aspartame in my coffee. Once. Here, see for yourself:

Real sugar.


Fake sugar.

Yeah, it is easy to tell the difference when they are huge and you are awake. Imagine the difficulty of deciphering between the two when they are actual sugar packet size and you are in desperate need of coffee in order to wake up.

Also, I discovered something totally amazing in Mexico. Jalapeño Pringles. They are the bomb in Phantoms, yo. I had never seen them here before, so I had to bring a can back with me. I thought it might buy me some time in order to locate a source for them here. Anyway, they taste like original Pringles with a hint of jalapeño. So delicious. Peep this:

Don’t they look yummy? It is because they are.

Oh, and then there is the cat. On our way to the resort, on the plane, Pancake Land was flipping through the Skymall catalog that was located in the seat back compartment in front of her. She was feeling a little nervous about flying and the subsequent rest of the trip and she found her moment of Zen of the pages of Skymall. Here it is:

It is an ad for this thing called “Litter Kwitter”. I mean, how can you keep from smiling when you look at that cat pooing in the toilet? There was a note about watching the video online, so I just had to see the Litter Kwitter in action. This is what I saw:

Words cannot describe how insane and awesome this thing is. Plus, was it just me, or did you think that guitar shredding a nice touch? I am very tempted to buy one. It would mean that don’t have to shovel through cat litter every 12 hours, thus improving my quality of life. Hmm…

Anyways, that’s what I’ve got for you today. I need to go write my article for this week, shop for this week’s meals, and study more about peptidoglycan. Wish me luck. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Word to Me says:

    I’m glad she liked the Union Suit. I was trying to find one with feet in it, but no luck. I will watch for other colors though…

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