I’ll Be Damned.


May 22, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Surprise, surprise, I didn’t get whisked away to the Heaven last night. I didn’t really notice until 11pm, though. I was too busy deep frying everything and watching Half-Blood Prince. What? I hadn’t seen it. I’ve got to get caught up before the new one comes out in July. What did I deep fry, you may be wondering? Some really fishy catfish and a whole shitload of breaded yellow squash.

Have you ever noticed how easily that the word breaded can become the word bearded? Interesting.

Today is not going to be very exciting. I am going to be doing all of the normal stuff I do on Sundays. Write a post, make a poop, write an article, make the menu, shop for groceries, take a photo, post the photo, make out with Pancake Land, eat something, record my snacks, go to bed.

Maybe I’ll rent Deathly Hallows Part 1 today. Just to get further caught up. I can’t expect Operation B to be of much use to anyone today. He went to prom last night with a friend of his from school. Of course he managed to wake up Lobo (asshole) when he came home, thus ensuring that everyone was awoken as well. It is not his fault that Little Peddler’s dog is a giant asshole. Maybe I’ll be able to convince Pancake Land that our dog sitting period has come to an end.

This post is kinda lame. Let’s see what the innernet’s got for you today.

Oh, this is pretty funny.

Well, I’m tired of digging through piles of rapture shit looking nuggets of comedy. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Duchess says:

    I didn’t get raptured either. Wonder who did?

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