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October 28, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Friday all. Since it is Friday, my new article should be up on the City Wire. Hold on, let me check. Yep it is. If you would like to read it click here: Cal-i-forn-ya Here I Come.

Lately, my mind has had plenty of time to do some thinking. Luckily for you I forgot to make any notes and so now I have no idea what I wanted to talk about. I’ve gotta start doing that a little bit more efficiently.

Sorry, I got distracted by this:

Holy crap.

Last night, Zaxxon and I watched The Trip. It is a mockumentary about two actors taking a road trip/food tour of Northern England starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. It is pretty funny in that dry English humor/ fake documentary kind of way. Their battling impersonations are always good times.

Today is another split day. I’m going to the studio to trim forms this morning. Then it is back to the letterpress shop for to help the English majors finish setting type. Pray that the shop didn’t flood from yesterday’s rain. Then lunch on assignment and back to the studio.

Tomorrow is exciting as well. It is a weekend of covering my ass for next weekend. As you may recall, next weekend is the Nicky the Cook/Data K wedding. So, this weekend I am getting a haircut so that I don’t have to do anything to my hair for the ceremony. Also, I’ll be trying to get in at least one more restaurant so that I don’t have to try and rush around for one next weekend. After those two things are accomplished, Teacher Sis and I are going to hit the few spots we missed during last weekend’s shopping trip. Maybe bake some cookies. Maybe work on cleaning up the back yard in preparation for the hammock hut to be constructed.

Anywho, I hope you have a wonderful Friday. I’m off to work and work and more work. More soon. ~SC

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