Are They Bouncin’? Nah, They’s Boingin’.


September 28, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Hey! We made it to Friday once again. And boy, do I have a lot of goodies for you today. Where to begin?

Well, it is that Friday, which means that my new article is up on the City Wire. If you’d like to read it, click here: Hey, Yo, Frankey!┬áIf you wouldn’t care to read it, click here: Say No To Frank.

Also, I have added the next installment of the Pathfinders. Feel free to check it out. Okay, fine, click here to listen. Also, a big up to my NOLA crew for finding out Oxi’s bard’s name. Apparently she and her hubby were cruising through Nawlins and Dave (or Little Miss Cotton) remembered to ask her the name. Whoever is responsible wins a prize. (Not being punched by the elemental fist.)

And if you haven’t seen the video slapfight that Dave and I are having in the comments thread on yesterday’s post, be sure to check it out.

Yesterday I received a package. Yes, I know that I said no more t-shirts, but I found this one and had to get it for scholastic purposes. I mean it is my assignment to follow English football, and the outfit makes the man or something. Shuddup. Furious Jessy, get ready to change your name to Envious Jessy:

Aston Villa are tossers.

Luckily, the shirt came in right on time. That’s right, it is Fabulous Football Friday! After our devastating loss to Liverpool during a cup match on Wednesday, the Baggies are all fired up and ready to kick the living shit of Aston Villa on Sunday. We will hear the lamentations of their women. Oh, yes, we will. Dude, West Brom fans are awesome (and drunk):

I am ready to go see a game, how about you?

All right. I think that is all that I’ve for your today. Have a wonderful day and do something fun this weekend. More soon. Boing boing! ~SC


  1. Jessica says:

    aw maaaaaaannnnn…

  2. Dave says:

    She certainly sounds envious. Also, twas I popped the question of nomenclature.

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