February 26, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

That whole sleeping thing was just a fluke.

I was worried that I might actually be returning to being a normal human. Looks like all that worrying was for naught. I am still screwed up.

Yesterday was a another of being the pyro-technician. You light fires for some people and put fires out for others. When I finally sat down to eat something, I started watching Dollhouse. It is yet another Joss Whedon joint. Here, take a looksy:

It’s not bad so far. What the trailer fails to show you is that Amy Acker is on the show. Anyone who watched Angel should have just squealed like a schoolgirl. We know her as Fred. And we all want to have her babies.

Amy Acker

On this show, she is all scarred up. On her face. Because, well… just watch the show.

Today is a school day. Which means I will be spend my day doing all of the homework that I have procrastinated on until now. Mostly just reading. So, the schedule will go a little something like this: homework, class, homework, tutoring, class, people, bed. If I’m a really good boy, I’ll be able to squeeze in some Dollhouse somewhere.

Tomorrow is another day of fire work. Wish me luck. More soon. ~SC


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