I’m A Busy Adult.


April 28, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

With many important things to do.

Things like this:


No seriously. Important things.

Like brunch.

So, West Brom crushed the ever-living shit out of Southampton yesterday 3-0. We boinged so hard, their ancestors felt it.

The sad news is that Larry Jenkins did not get to punch anything last night. Dave and Little Miss Cotton had to do stuff, so we took a break from gaming and watched Troll Hunter. You should suck it up and read the subtitles. Seriously. Check it out:

Believe me, that didn’t spoil anything. It is called troll hunter, after all. It is obviously about a troll hunter.

Okay, well I’ve got to go do grown up stuff. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. More soon. ~SC


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