The Shrimp Volcano.


July 29, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

And other tales from the Dangerous Kitchen.

First off today, I’d like to send some good doogies to Teacher Sis and the rest of the River Vally Roller Girls who are all making their way to RollerCon in Las Vegas. Be sure to pass some good vibes on to them as well.

Yesterday, the Rev. Dark Wombat and I made kimchi. Granted, I got started prepping before he got to my house. So, he missed out on some of the excitement. Like when it came time for me to add the brined tiny shrimp. Maybe I should start this story from the beginning. Okay, let’s back up just a bit.

As most of you know, I hang out with a lot of exchange students. And from time to time exchange students get homesick. So, the Rev. gets this brilliant idea to learn to prepare dishes from our new friends’s countries. This will also shut them up about not being able to find their favorite foods in Fort Smith because this place sucks. As two two die hard Fort Smith boys, we have to show them that yes, this place can suck if you just sit and your room and bitch about not doing anything or it can be quite tolerable if you get up and make stuff happen. So, long story longer, he wanted to make kimchi.

Luckily, I’ve got a recipe for that. (Thanks, David Chang!) And so did he. (Innernet.) So we combined our not so dissimilar recipes and got to work. This brings me back to the beginning of the post. The tiny shrimp. One of the ingredients the recipes both called for was tiny shrimp preserved in brine. About 4 teaspoons worth for the whole double-batch. Not a lot, that is. And of course it comes in a good sized bottle. Cool. We won’t have to buy them that often because a bottle will be enough for like 110 batches of kimchi. That is, if the bottle doesn’t erupt into a violent volcano of smelly tiny shrimp. Which it promptly did when I popped the metal mottle cap.


So, yeah, now my house kind of smells like the Asian supermarket.

But the kimchi looks tasty. I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks if it is actually tasty.

This week is a low key week for me. My student is on vacation at the beach this week. So, I’ve got only one student left and he is busy most of the week, leaving me with a lot of time on my hands. My plan is to do the stuff that I’ve been putting off. I plan on finishing reading this god-awful book, editing the 20 or so podcasts in the archives, digging through the 2700 roller derby photos that I’m sitting on, and possibly going to the letterpress shop for a visit. Exciting, I know.

Okay, I’m going to hit the hammock now and get this party started. Have a great week. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Lucky says:

    Add ‘character for Evil campaign’ to your list of shit to do. Slacker.

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