Bahala Na Si Batman.


November 23, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

All my Filipino homies know where I’m coming from.

Andi the Numbers has outdone herself this time. She sent me this info yesterday. Apparently, in Tagalog, Filipinos have an expression that literally means “Leave it all to Batman”. It is roughly equivalent to the sentiment about giving control of your life over to Jesus. In that “Jesus take the wheel” kind of way. But Jesus brings the typhoon. Batman doesn’t kill anybody.

In the wake of Teacher Sis’s bad news about her National Boards, all I have to say is: Bahala na si Batman. The world’s greatest detective will have your back. No worries.



That’s just an idea for a Grismas presnent for me. In case you were stuck on what to get me.

In other news, I started watching this show, which nearly snuck by me:

I’m only about three episodes in, but it has potential. I mean it’s like Buffy the Advertiser meets Mork the ad Genie.

No football today. Monday, on the other hand, West Brom and I face off against Don Chulius’s Aston Villa. And has anybody else noticed that when Dave’s Arsenal goes up against one of his friends’s clubs that he doesn’t win? He lost to Don Chulius and Furious Jessy and he drew against me. Taco Planet, you, of course, are the exception. But, don’t worry. You’ve got another shot in February.

Today is a day of no plans. Maybe a little reading time in the hammock. Or working on the print shop. Or doing more merchandising research. Who knows? All I know is that I’ve got ten hours to kill before Pathfinder.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    We couldn’t all just google “best (proper) football team” and choose them as our favorite.
    *points at Jess
    Ah but my Saints, they be doin it and doin it well.
    Also, I recently went through my phone and renamed all my contacts “Mork”
    That way I always know who’s calling.

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