Better Late Than Never.


December 29, 2013 by sandwichcontrol

For a Grismas miracle.

Last night, all of our hard work paid off. It was a little shaky at first, but the campaign that Jackie the Mick and the Rev. Dark Wombat put together, went off pretty well. In such a way that none of us managed to die. Krahli really gave it the old college try, though. Dying that is. And Sweetbread did as well. But everybody else just sort of punched stuff, looted the treasure rooms, and ran for their lives. It wasn’t a bad plan.

This year’s reboot to the party formally known as the Playaz Ball was a success. Of course, there were people who could not make it, which sucked, but we soldiered on without them. They were with us, in the dungeon, in spirit.

Player's Ball 2013.

Player’s Ball 2013.

The look on Back Alley Trey’s face was worth the price of admission.

Now that that party is out of the way, it is time to start gearing up for the next party. The one on Tuesday night. Teacher Sis is hosting a “Very Metal New Year’s” party at her house. Everybody needs to break out the shredded denim and Aqua Net and join us to rock in the new year. Yell at me, or Teacher Sis, for more details.

Today is a day of recovery. I am going to attempt to stay in my pj’s for as long as possible today. In the event that I have to be presentable, I will probably just put my jeans on over my pj’s. It’ll be more efficient that way.

Okay, I’m off to play Tiny Thief, watch Game of Thrones, and eat Stove Top.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    HA! I totally did the jeans over pjs thing last night when I went out to a show. Great minds sir. Sorry I couldnt be there. I’m happy it went well.

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