How Are We Going To Get Up To The Airship?


January 26, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

Robert Grapnel, Jr.

That’s how.

Last night was a successful round of Pathfinder. We all managed not to die and we managed to do things differently than our GM expected. It was good. During the game, Taco Planet sent me an email. It was about this chick:

I obviously didn’t get to investigate the contents of the email during game play. I checked her out this morning though. I dig it. She sort of reminds me of a young Joni Mitchell and with a hint of Billie Holiday. Good stuff. And she’s super cute.


Also, the Rev. Dark Wombat pointed me at this website that a friend of ours, Siri, runs. She has been posting photos of people reading everyday. So of course I have to give her my support. Check it out.

Today? Well, today is a day of rest. My muscles are feeling better. But seeing as how I have to workout again tomorrow, I’m not going to push it. So, I’m going to relax and watch some movies. Maybe eat some apples. Maybe take a shower. Or do some reading. Who knows? It’s a lazy day. I’m just gonna wing it.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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