I Didn’t Know Those Words Could Go Together Like That.


April 25, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

Like putting a square peg in an A-hole.

Happy Friday you turd burglars. Whatever that means. To you.

I have the crazy eyes. I can’t wait until tomorrow night so I can shoot some unsuspecting villagers in alley with my longbow.

But until then…

Things happened yesterday.

Things like this:

And this.

And this:

Photo 197

Photo 197

Good ol’ Photo 197. Get’s me every time.

Yesterday, it rained a lot. And it got downright chilly. This put a DAMPer on my hammock plans. Not that I had much time for hammock sitting. But what tiny amount I had was spent not hammock sitting. Which is the lamest way to spend your time.

Today I am getting around later than usual. The birthday festivities lasted a little past my bedtime. You know you are in trouble when you consider sleeping until 6:30am as “getting around late”.

Other than my workout, there is no telling what I’ll be doing today. Probably cleaning up from last night. So much food. So little room in my stomach.

As you know, tomorrow I plan on hunting down villagers in their nightmares and trapping them there. Filthy hu-mahns.

I hope you have a great weekend.

See ya’ tomorrow (in your nightmares).

More soon. ~SC


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